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Very funny jokes in English | English Funny jokes 2020

Very funny jokes in English


Very funny jokes in English

Ask me if you need any information about Corona.
Puri ki puri, caller tune, I have rotted .. !! 

Just once this corona virus is gone.
Then I will go to China and teach everyone how to make dal rice.
Brother-in-law eats anything. 

During a crisis talk to people you trust Coronavirus Instagram Post 2 - Very funny jokes in English | English Funny jokes 2020
funny jokes in English

Be careful not to be afraid of Corona ..
Just think like your wife is sleeping
And the neighbors have come to ask for lemons! 

Sneezing! Now the time has come to speak of God Bless You instead of sorry!

Corona is a very self-respecting and self-respecting virus.
He will not come to your house until you go out to pick it up yourself.
Stay at home… Do not go out to pick it up.

Friends… this is the time to become aware and responsible
“Corona” is a serious disease ..
Whom with cleanliness, cleanliness and awareness ..
All the countrymen have to be defeated together!

O Carnivores!
Billions of animals and birds and animals
To protect…. Corona has incarnated… !!

Where there was no compassion, there was a corona
That is why, compassion on all living beings…. 

Gonna be mine today
Son and daughter came in my dreams ..
And saying that ..

New funny jokes in English.
Father try on
Mom is in her group…
Will definitely get

heart attack
As the condition goes.
When someone says
One thing about you
Come to know!

Wrote on the wall
“Here dogs do Susu!”
Santa Susu there and
Then he laughed saying:
It is called mind ..
Susu, I did and the name dog will come !! 

A brother banked his wife from 9 am
Got it lined up and went to the office itself!

When he came back in the evening, the wife said: –
Standing in the sun at two o’clock in the bank door
Entered and reached in front of the cashier at three o’clock,
Standing me, he went to drink tea .. !!

Came after half an hour and sat at the computer and said: –
“Sorry ma’am is not money… !!”

Your oath is like eating chili,
I had a fire in my body,

Cried all day… upset
Hungry and thirsty after leaving home
Broke my feet and I finally answered this… ??
No money… !!

Husband said angrily: –
And you just came like crazy?
Could not do anything to them?
At least 15 cylinders have been broken on me till date
Even if a cylinder broke on them, they knew something!

Wife very patiently said: –
“The cylinder will break one more today!”

Money was not in the bank .. it was not in your account .. !!

When the room door opened
An old woman was sleeping on the porch.

His eye opened with a hurry.
When the thief looked terrified, she said lying down: –
Son, you look like a nice house,
Feeling compelled by some problem
You have started on this path.
It is not a big thing.

There is a locker in the third box of the cupboard
You take all the goods in it quietly.
Come to me first and sit
I have just seen a dream.
Hearing that, please tell me what it means.
The thief was overwhelmed by that old lady’s pity
And sat quietly near him.

The old lady started narrating her dream: –
Son, I saw that I was lost in a desert.
In such a eagle came to me and he…
Said 3 times loudly: – * Pankaj! Pankaj Pankaj!!!*

Just then the dream was over and my eye opened.
Tell me, what does it mean?
The thief got into thinking. 

“Jokes in English Very Funny”

With equal room
Old man’s young son Pankaj gets his name
Hearing loud, got up and came inside the thief
Smashed heavily.

Old lady said: – Just do it now
It has suffered the punishment of its actions.
The thief said: – No! Cut me more, years! 

So that I remember further that…
I am a thief, not a dream merchant. 

What is the specialty in friends,
Which is more than relatives ..?
Got a reply…
Friends are just friends,
They are cousins, cousins, puffers,
There are no cousins ​​and stepsons.
A friend,
If ever you get broken and scattered then remember me!
Because .. I have a 5 rupee favi-kavik lying idle !!

When she turns 65,
Iodex will smell rather than scent,
I still get it,
These watches will not come back!

Noor is still in my eyes,
Then beauty will not be seen,
Now friends will be with you,
Then walking stick will be seen!
Listen to the sound of friends with fun,
Then hearing aid will appear in the ears,
Laugh and bloom,
Then the denture will show a glimpse,
When friends call, go away
Doctor appointment will not free time,
Understand, friends, understand
The moving age will not come again !!!

The girlfriend who is tied
Expect to meet ends
This is what comes out of his mouth……
Nothing was kept in all this !! 🤣😂

Some girls put so much mascara in their eyes that
With this mascara, four pairs of gloves should be polished. 🙂 😉 😉 😀

Become a shell seller ..
Girls will torture your black sour lick! 🙂 😉 😉 😀

Modern girls always keep earphone in their ears because…

The species of whistleblowers is almost towards extinction!
Boy- are you angry with me yet?
Girl – I don’t know.
Boy – this is in the pulse of Salwar
Why do 15-20 bales come from the dam?

Both a boy and a girl wandered in the forest.
Both did not eat anything for 4 days.
Girl: You make me r @ pe
Boy: why
Girl: Fuckin something will go inside !

“English Very Funny Jokes”

A girl was singing in class, O Zara Touch Me,
Touch Me, Touch Me…
Then Pappu got up and touched the girl, and said if she has the courage to sing .. !!!

The boy was sitting under the tree with his girlfriend,
Boy: – Darling has something on your face,
Girl: – Hey, I felt that I had come to the face wash
Boy: – Take a wipe with a scarf, the pigeon has beaten from above! 

If the son’s mind goes, then what a problem
Ask this Mulayam Singh .. !!
How much do you have if you don’t walk
This from Sonia Gandhi! 

Of the girl in everyone’s life
Love is not there .. Women can have 

Time is precious ..
Therefore do not waste your time.

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