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2 Line Shayari

2 line Shayari In English | Whatsapp on Sad, Love & Life

2 line Shayari In English


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2 line Shayari In English | Whatsapp on Sad, Love & Life

2 Line English Shayari - 2 line Shayari In English | Whatsapp on Sad, Love & Life

1) Your feeling gave us such intoxication…Now alcohol has been hated…

2)Teach di bewafi tumhe b zalim zamane ne .. !!
What you learn, we try

3)You know the sound of my heart…. ???
well never mind!! I would have known if I knew… !!

4)There is a feeling that the two words can be removed through paper…
I stay and do not eagle…2 line Shayari In English

2 Line Shayari english 1 - 2 line Shayari In English | Whatsapp on Sad, Love & Life
2 Line Shayari english

5)She slept serially by putting it on my heart. Unaware.
We did not stop beating our heart… that who would not break it.

6)Your love is better than mine
Kumbakht is given to me by the evil sula of crying. …

7)Whenever your memories rain
Rain on me… ..

I go wet
Only to the extent of the eyelids

2 Line Shayari in Hindi 2020 - 2 line Shayari In English | Whatsapp on Sad, Love & Life
2 Line Shayari in english 2020

8)Shikve, do with me
Just like you are me, you are…

9)Just because the weather of all colors is clear to me, but
Night and night I know something different…

10)Your thunderbolt brings you a lot.
Income change ..
You have spent a lot of time showering me like tears… ..

English Shayari 2 line 1 - 2 line Shayari In English | Whatsapp on Sad, Love & Life
English Shayari 2 line

11)You were conscious yet could not recognize us
One is that even after drinking, we keep on taking your name…

12)Love is not necessary in words
Does my eyes really say nothing to you !!!!!

13)The one you separated I knew
People live without dying ‘..

Shayari English 2 Line 1 - 2 line Shayari In English | Whatsapp on Sad, Love & Life
Shayari English 2 Line

14)It is not in my nature to imprison those birds…
Those who stay in the cage of my heart, also have a hobby of flying with others…

15)When I saw them, I realized the disappearance of something
If you put your hands on the chest, the heart was not present,…

16)Saw you with me otherwise life
Neither felt nor felt now…

17)My cravings have broken down…
Now if it looks good, we don’t express it…

tow line shayari english - 2 line Shayari In English | Whatsapp on Sad, Love & Life
tow line shayari english

2 Line Shayari in Hindi 2019 | 2 Line Shayari Romantic

18)The path that leads us to his heart
Age saree passed in search of the same path… ..

19)You are missing with every breath today,
Now stop remembering your life… .. Or your breath… ??

20)Even then the secret will open one day of our love… !!
In the festival, who salute us by stealing all of us… !!

21)Hopefully, I do not keep the vaafas from them, friends.
Those who meet someone else are someone else…

22)It was written well in my hand lines…
If you love you will fall apart ..

23)I definitely come, but learn to swim…
You often drown me

24)Why do those people get down as soon as they get
People who don’t get lucky stars…

25)Upset, tangle, rage and weariness,
Just one day and life has passed. . .

26)If you had the heart, I love you
During the day, the stars would show you…

27)You will not be able to keep my gift

Otherwise, the heart still gives its sign
Departing from .. !!!

28)You also love love like the weather,
Sometimes it rains, sometimes you crave a drop,

29)The tongue is silent but written in my eyes!
The hall is read, not told !!

30)I have found this beauty with your love…!
Where was my reference before your story…

31)People were involved even more ..
Heart is broken by your efforts…

32)That is why we left the nights to sleep ……
If he falls apart in the dream, then we will die ……

33)True, there is no limit to human desires ……
Look at my those great wishes, that, that and just that ……

34)Only love
When you learn to love love… !!

Loyalty is not loyalty with the help of compulsions… !!

Status In Hindi {2 Line Romantic Shayari } 2019

35)Love hates someone to explain so much ..
Sometimes I fight with the heart, sometimes the heart fights with me… !!

36)If you want to pass your eyes, then go through
I am a mirror, I have my own responsibility. . !!

37)I am disappointed with this journey of life,
From the love of love and friendship of meaning….!

38)You will not get someone like me. . . !!
Go, you are allowed to try the whole world. . . !!!

39)How can I tell you my kindness…
You are the cure for all my sadness…

40)Come for these, not right for me ,,,,,,
“These eyes love innocent you ………. !!”

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